Issue 65

The kitchens in our annual feature, although entirely disparate in style, showcase dynamic contemporary architecture at its best.

This celebration extends to a house by rama in a bushland Sydney site which is composed of six shipping containers. A similar, intrepid design response shines through a home by Austin Maynard Architects that blurs the line between private and public space.

Over in Tassie, architects Liz Walsh and Alex Nielsen have modernised and revitalised a bed-sit unit with an emphasis on finely-crafted details and an sophisticated material palette. This project included a few surprises along the way, an experience shared by the occupants of a renovated home by Jon Jacka Architects – who have found their laneway enriches their connection to the neighbourhood.

It is inspiring to learn how the garden of a suburban Brisbane home capitalises on the site’s natural phenomena to actively support the local ecosystem. Another garden in Melbourne atop a 28-storey city apartment building skilfully responds to its unique location.

Lastly, our travel feature includes the highlights of Places We Swim – a definitive guide to the best swimming spots in Australia.