Issue 84

Our annual look at what's new in multi-residential architecture includes a privately owned and developed build-to-rent model in New Zealand. Designed by Jasmax Architects by recycling a single dwelling into 13 apartments, 26 Aroha achieved a 10 Homestar rating and operates as a sociable and community oriented building.

Anne Street Garden Villas is a series of seven social housing dwellings by Anna O'Gorman Architects in collaboration with the Queensland Government. A consultative process with the future residents was part of the design process which resulted in a village of small scale, passive climate responsive homes.

Meanwhile in Austine Maynard's Terrace House borrows from this local typography but its 20 homes offer super-low running costs and better use of space than your typical terrace house. Designed as an affordable and sustainable option to meet the demands of locals struggling to get into the housing market. It is fossil fuel free.

All of these models are striving for an alternative to the traditional model, in desirable locations with good infrastructure and access to public transport. They reinforce the viability of a low-carbon lifestyle by providing the facilities needed to achieve this, including vegetable gardens and laundries, piles of bike storage, e-bike charging and shared electric vehicles.

It's an exciting time in the multi-residential space.