Issue 75

In this issue 75, and on the theme of ‘small’, our houses are not simply using their footprint efficiently, they are engaging with their inhabitants both inside and out. Our cover house, on a narrow corner block, makes the most of a borrowed footpath to extend the living space beyond the boundary when the conditions are right. Smaller houses in dense inner-urban neighbourhoods are increasingly considering engagement with the street and their communities; connections that are of such importance right now.

Elsewhere in this issue, a family home on a small urban block goes up, rather than out and in the process creates multiple spaces that are active with multiple functions. Another keeps an extension tight so as not to encroach on valuable garden area and a small, semi-detached dwelling creates a wide opening to a narrow sideway, giving the illusion of space. And nally, a tiny, moveable shack draws in the surrounding bush.

Backyards are also being increasingly clever with space. We take a look at one that uses perspective and texture to trick the eye. Meanwhile, those who have too much garden are generously sharing it via a farming initiative – we learn how this has benefited not just the owners, but their community.

Lastly, we travel to the beautiful and recovering Sapphire Coast in southern NSW where we meet an extraordinary group of locals generously sharing their stories and the jewels of the region.